These are the proven. The standards that preside all year long. They offer just about anything you could want in a beer from easy and crisp, to light and fruity, to classic and hoppy.


Who doesn’t love a good quaffable IPA? We certainly do! So we set out to create one. If you think about Five-O, you think Hawaii Five-O, which says tropical. That was our goal. A quaffable tropical IPA. It took some testing and playing around with hop combinations but we learned some things from previous beers and ultimately applied that knowledge when creating the recipe for this beer. Wafting with juicy, light, and tropical hop aromas, Five-O drinks like a session IPA but doesn’t exhibit those hop-water characteristics. Very smooth and refreshing but packed full of flavor and aromas.


IPA | ABV: 5.0% | IBU: 40

Tropical | Hoppy | Not Bitter | Smooth

Mugshot IPA is brewed with an arresting lineup of American hop varieties. Over the years we’ve discovered a great mix of aromas and flavors including grapefruit, orange peel and piney resin that define our IPA. Malt flavors take a back seat to the hops, giving this beer a drinkable and balanced experience.

Mugshot IPA

IPA | ABV: 6.5% | IBU: 50

Classically Hopped | Citrus | Pine

Bright, crisp and citrusy, with just a touch of tartness, Slammer is brewed from a pilsner malt foundation with just the right amount of wheat to provide body and depth. Lightly hopped to balance the delicate malt character, Slammer Wheat is the perfect craft beer for the “general population.”



Noble Aroma | Citrus | bright | Crisp