It's likely that you've never heard the term Monkey Mouth before. That is maybe unless you've been to prison. Regardless of your "knowledge" or lack-there-of, we all have a Monkey Mouth in our lives. You know who it is- it's that person who goes on and on about nothing. (Okay, maybe we have a few). It's kind of the idea behind our first in an ongoing series of hop centric beers. It's loud and the complexity in hop flavors goes on and on. 

With the popularity of Double IPA's on the rise, it seemed like the obvious style choice to use when experimenting with new hop combinations. We increased the grain bill of base malt in order to achieve the amount of fermentable sugars necessary for creating a high ABV IPA and put in 100's of pounds of rolled oats for a smooth body. When we reached the hour boil addition, we added Horizon, Mosaic and Azacca hop varieties. Next came the dry-hop additions. We double dry-hopped this beer with a sizable blend of 2 pounds per barrel of Mosaic, Azacca and Liberty hops. These hop additions during the fermentation process allowed for an intensely aromatic beer. 

The response to this beer last season was great and it quickly became a local favorite so we knew we wanted to bring it back for a second season.

However, as one great man famously said, "With great power comes great responsibility." (Uncle Ben, Spiderman)  And he was right, with great power, does indeed come great responsibility. We've learned a lot over the past year and frankly feel like we would be doing ourselves and you- the people who love our beer- a disservice by not utilizing what we've learned into creating the best beer possible. 

So, we decided to tweak the recipe a bit. This second season of Monkey Mouth will consist of honey malt rather than caramel malt. This change will lend a touch of honey sweetness without the malty characteristics we saw with the previous recipe. We also opted to replace the Liberty hops we used during our dry-hops with an Experimental Hop we contracted dubbed Exp. Hop 06300. This hop variety will add notes of coconut, vanilla, and Starburst candy. Lastly, we upped the dry-hops to nearly 3lbs per barrel in order to facilitate the aroma that we love and crave from these beers to hold up for a longer period of time.

We feel that these subtle changes have produced a product that drinkers will find are palette pleasing- a soft but dry body, loads of tropical fruit aromas, and a bitterness that still yields the crush-ability that is sometimes lacking in DIPA's.    

Monkey Mouth will be available at the brewery in 11oz. draft pours and in 16oz. 4-packs starting August 9th. A very limited quantity will be sent to distribution in the coming weeks. 



Photography and Blog
by Claire Lewis

David Fountain