Jailhouse Brewing Company- a namesake that was not preconceived, but is more-or-less a testament to the history of our building and little town, has remained true to the theme of it's brand throughout the past 10 years. Crafting beer and a lifestyle around the motto of "believing in the little man, small towns and big flavor", Jailhouse has always set out to produce beer that is for the people.

Last year, while sitting at a round-table of sorts (we use that term loosely at Jailhouse), discussing the idea of new beers, we knew we wanted to produce a style that is up and coming in popularity- the India Pale Lager. Fermented with lager yeast rather than ale yeast, IPLs generally combine a crisp lager finish with amplified hops. 

Typically, the next question is, "What do we name the beer?". A tribute beer to those who protect and serve is something we had been wanting to do for some time, so we looked to that for inspiration. Much like the camaraderie surrounding the law enforcement community, Jailhouse aims to create a familial environment amongst its staff and the customers who come through our doors. Through this model, we have developed a close relationship with the people in our community, civilians and law enforcement alike. With this in mind, it only made sense to us that we would name the beer "Badge". 

Here at Jailhouse, we would like to thank the men and women in uniform who are out serving their communities on a daily basis. The sacrifices you make do not go unnoticed and we are grateful for the work that you do.

Featured here are a handful of our local Hampton Police Department officers! Thank you for all you do!

David Fountain