Collaborating on beer names is a lot like attending a writer's circle. Some suggestions are brilliant, other's funny, and some are certainly too raunchy to grace the label of a Jailhouse can. And while sifting through a wide variety of ridiculous prison slang, the biggest question posed was how do we expand our list of names while staying true to our brand? The results, while seamingly light-hearted at first, have now taken a dark twist. 

Bonnie and Clyde were the first two we introduced in what we've dubbed in-house as our "Serial Series". While romanticized by the press, books, and later movies, there is no denying that this duo was deadly. Leaving a trail of destruction and a hefty body count that included nine police officers and multiple civilians, Bonnie and Clyde would go down as two of the most notorious thieves and murderers in American history. 

Not scary! And actually really tasty. 

The inspiration for this can design stemmed from Belle Gunness' sinister nature and her use of her pigs as mechanisms for disposing of human remains.

Belle however, is another story. The reality is, if you had met the real Belle- Belle Gunness to be exact- you likely would not have lived to tell about it.

A notorious Norwegian American serial killer, the actual number of people she murdered from the late 1800's to the early 1900's is unknown. It is suspected however, to be well over 40- a number which includes both of her husbands and her children. Greed was her driving force and in her pursuit of money, she would kill her victims either by poisoning or bludgeoning them to death. Skilled in butchering, it is said that she would then dissect them, often times disposing of their remains in her pig pen. She would later attempt to fake her own death- a successful feat until her ex-farmhand confessed on his death bed that he was an accomplice, not only in disposing of bodies but also in the planning and execution of her ploy to disappear. She was subsequently never caught and unfortunately, few of her victims were ever identified. Luckily for the rest of us, Hell's Belle has been rotting in a grave for years by now and the only thing being killed around here is really crushable beer.

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