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It was hard to anticipate the turn out we would have for the Peels + Clyde release, but when you're presented the perfect storm of great beer and warm February weather, the masses unite in a big way! 

Before we began the new year, we decided that we wanted to bring our guests new and unique small-batch beers every month. January saw Unchained Winter IPA - our nod to the malty red IPAs of old and the fruity, soft bodied, IPAs of now. We sent the majority of Unchained to distribution but what we kept here at the brewery was well received and we sold all of our packaged product within the month. 

Fast forward to February where we had a new-old trick up our sleeves - brew two completely different beers from one single mash. Peels would be the first beer. A soft, pillowy grain bill of wheat and oats provided a beautiful base for a massive amount of intensely aromatic hops. We only captured the highest sugar content from the mash to get more intense flavors and a higher alcohol yield. Brewed with Mosaic, El Dorado, and Denali and DDH with 4 pounds per barrel of the same hop varieties, Peels delivered with notes of pine, citrus, nectarine, and pineapple. At 9.5% ABV, we recommend taking it easy with this one, despite its definite crush-ability. 

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Clyde would be the second beer from that mash and we really wanted it to be a unique and interesting beer. With enough fermentable sugars left in the roughly 1000 pounds of grain that we used to brew Peels, Clyde turned out to be one for the books. The lover to our summer Farmhouse Bonnie, this mashup of a beer, featuring beets and tangerines, boasts hints of tartness, a purple color, and a pleasant aroma of spices and citrus. Brewed with oats and wheat, Clyde retains a nice body and mouthfeel at only 4% ABV.

February 24th was release day and we were blown away by the turn out! When people are waiting at the door before it opens, we like to think its because we've done something right. We kicked off the day with music on vinyl and a relaxed crowd. We had a lot of great folks pop in that wanted to purchase beer to-go because they believed us when we told them they didn't want to miss out. The weather was beautiful and everyone was enjoying themselves. 

The party really began to kick-off as we rolled into the evening. If there is a smell that most of us love, its the smell of BBQ in the air and we certainly had some top-notch BBQ from The Bearded Chef! Owner, Billy McDaniel, prepared a menu of Brisket, Pulled Pork & Chicken, and more. Oh! And did we mention the Loaded Smoked Mac + Cheese? Unbelievable! You know it's good when a chef completely sells out before the end of the night.

Our entertainment for the evening was none other than local favorite, THEM! Featuring Adam Holt, Shane Steward, Brandon Purinton, and Wayne Chasteen, these guys lay down tracks from Tom Petty, The Beatles, Allman Brothers, and more. Keeping the music upbeat and fun, THEM set the tone for a night of unadulterated fun! The band played to a packed house, as our little brewery had reached its capacity.  

At the end of the night, of the 30 cases each of Peels and Clyde that we produced, we sold 17 Peels and 11 Clyde! As of last weekend, we are now completely sold out of Peels and have around 13 cases of Clyde left. We want to thank you all for your continued support and love for Jailhouse! We hope to see you all at the next release in April!

David Fountain